About Us

Who We Are

At XO Armor, we are a passionate team who believes in advancing technology and making a difference in sports medicine, healthcare, and providing care to our military and first responder personnel. Collectively, we have decades of expertise in engineering, 3D manufacturing, athletic care, and patient care. We strive each day to continue improving our software, technology, and capabilities to serve those in need.

Leadership Team

Michael Zabala

Founder, Chairman & Chief Research Officer

Joseph Bingold

Chief Executive Officer

Jimmy Zabala

Chief Financial Officer

Sarah Cooley

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Klosterman

VP Sales & Business Development

Jacob Larson

Cofounder, Director of Engineering

Our History

XO Armor was founded by Dr. Michael Zabala, a Mechanical Engineering Professor at Auburn University. Dr. Zabala was approached about a customized protective device for a football injury, and through his work, XO Armor was born! With a focus on developing a fully personalized and immediate solution, XO Armor has taken the nation by storm, growing to support all different types of sports, medical facilities, and military teams.

Our Business

XO Armor offers rapid and customized 3D printed devices for Athletes, Patients, and First Responders. Our subscription based model allows for clients to print unlimited files, have access to our engineers for support, create their own guard designs, and print on-site in their facility. We provide printer installation and staff training to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Precision Protection for Every Sector

Designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare, sports, and first-responder applications. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures precision scanning and printing, providing the perfect fit for every individual.


Our solutions for patients are tailored to provide comfort and security. Using precision scanning and 3D printing, we create custom protective gear that fits perfectly, enhancing patient care and recovery.

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Athletes demand the best, and we deliver. Our technology ensures that every piece of gear is optimized for performance, offering unparalleled protection and a custom fit that helps athletes excel at every level.

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In high-stakes situations, reliability is crucial. Our Military-grade protective solutions are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, offering first responders the confidence and safety they need in the field.

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Step into personalized comfort with XO Armor. Our precision mold and fitting process ensures that every 3D printed product provides unmatched comfort and protection tailored to your unique needs.