Custom Protective Solutions

XO Armor Custom 3D Scanning & Printing

The Future of Patient Care Has Arrived.

Precision Protection for Every Sector

Designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare, sports, and first-responder applications, our state-of-the-art technology ensures precision scanning and printing, providing the perfect fit for every individual.


Our solutions for patients are designed to provide comfort and security. Using precision scanning and 3D printing, we create custom devices and orthoses that fit perfectly, enhancing patient care and recovery.

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Athletes demand the best, and we deliver. Our technology ensures that every piece of gear is optimized for performance, offering unparalleled protection and a custom fit that helps athletes excel at every level.

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In high-stakes situations, reliability is crucial. Our Military-grade protective solutions are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, offering first responders the confidence and safety they need in the field.

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The Perfect Fit

Experience the precision of XO Armor's 3D scanning technology. Our cutting-edge scans provide the perfect fit every time, customized to your unique needs.

Step into personalized comfort with XO Armor. Our patented scanning and 3D printing process ensures that every device provides unmatched comfort and protection for athletes and patients of all sizes and needs.

What Experts Have to Say

Dr Michael Goodlett

Team Physician, Auburn University Football

“I was glad our wide receiver had the XO Armor brace on. He took a hit directly to the place he was hurt. The brace obviously worked like a charm.”

Robbie Stewart

Head Athletic Trainer, Auburn University Footbal

“The athletes like the feel and fit of the pads. The custom fit technology allowed the pads to be very inconspicuous under padding or clothing. I believe this technology is something that can be used at every level of athletics for prevention and protection from injury.”

Seth Williams

Auburn University Football

“It feels like it’s not there... y’all are the ones that got me back out there.”

Merging Science, Engineering, and Technology

A smarter, faster, and more advanced technology enabling patients and athletes to heal and stay protected for any activity.

What We Do

Custom 3D Printing

We tailor protective gear to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit and superior performance for every athlete and patient.

Recyclable Print Material

Our standard printed products are crafted from eco-friendly materials, ensuring high-quality protection that's environmentally friendly.

Unlimited Profile Saved Settings

Store and retrieve multiple profiles effortlessly, making it easy to switch between different configurations.

Patented Scanning Technology

Designed to capture precise measurements and detailed contours, this cutting-edge technology guarantees a seamless integration of custom-fit protection for all users.

Immediate Care

Our efficient process allows for most guards to be printed on average in under one hour, providing immediate, high-quality solutions when you need them the most.

Advanced Technology Suite

Handheld Scanner and Phone

Customization Software

Fast and Compact 3D Printer

Company Highlights

Read our latest publication in the HDIAC Journal: Impact Resistance and Performance of custom-fit, 3-D-Printed Protective Guards

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Welcome to the XO Armor team!

Play with Confidence--Where Protection meets Performance! Welcoming our recent clients who have partnered with XO Armor to protect their athletes conveniently from their own athletic training facilities!