Get ready to be inspired by the journey of Michael Zabala, the visionary founder of XO ARMOR.


In this episode, you’ll hear from Michael Zabala, the founder of XO ARMOR company. We change how healthcare providers help athletes get back quickly to training and competing post injury. 

Michael takes you back to the early days when a star receiver faced a debilitating injury on the field. But thanks to the engineers at Auburn University, they leveraged 3D scanning and printing technology to create a customized splint, enabling the athlete to make a remarkable comeback. It's a tale of triumph over adversity and a testament to the great value of modern technology.

Since that pivotal moment, XO Armor has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports medicine and healthcare. This innovation is not just helping athletes recover from injuries but also preventing injuries in the first place. It offers an impressive range of 3D-printed casts trusted by some of the most elite athletes in the United States!

So whether it's bouncing back from a setback or staying in the game, XO Armor has you covered. You’re going to hear it all from the man behind the innovation, Michael Zabala.

Don't miss out on this fantastic episode. Let’s get comfortable and get ready to be inspired by the story of XO ARMOR. 

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