Frequently Asked Questions

XO Armor Custom 3D Scanning & Printing

Frequently Asked Questions

Our printer sits on-site in your facility. Once you've sent the customized scan to the printer, it prints right in your office or facility so you can easily provide the device to your athletes or patients

The print time depends on the size and complexity of the device you are creating. For a common scan, such as a rib guard, wrist brace, ankle stirrup etc. the average time could be between 25-40 minutes. For smaller devices such as finger splints, ulnar gutters, hand guards, etc. the average time is generally less than 30 minutes. For larger devices or those with extreme modifications or extra large in size, the average time might be 45-90 minutes. The exact time is dependent on size, thickness, modifications, and complexity.

One of the many beneficial features of the XO Armor solution is that many designs can be printed on the printer. You can create customized scans of the body, modify where needed, and print the device. The printer is not limited to devices you have seen printed before. If you want to get creative to accomodate a previous injury, sensitive incisions, skin issues, or other concerns, the software and printer allow for a fully customized solution. You can also print non-medical devices on the printer such as small parts, accessories, or other needed items.

With the XO Armor subscription, you can print an unlimited amount of devices.

Contact your sales representative or send a request to

The lasting time of the filament is dependent on how many prints per month you complete. When you are getting low on filament, simply text your rep and they will submit an order for you.

Yes! You can make edits to scans you have already completed and save or print different versions.

No. Unlike most other companies, we allow reprints with the touch of a button and no additional cost.

Yes! Our engineers are happy to help you with a customized design.

Our 3D print material gets impact tested to ensure its durability for sports, medical, and first-responder/military use.

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