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Unlock your full potential with XO Armor’s custom-fit protective gear, designed for athletes from youth to professional. Our advanced 3D scanning and printing technology ensures superior comfort, protection, and performance on and off the field, so you can focus on what matters most—WINNING.

Prioritizing Injury Reduction and Player Safety

At XO Armor, we understand that peak performance starts with safety. Our custom protective guards are designed to reduce injuries and enhance player safety, allowing athletes to perform at their best. Trust in our technology to provide the ultimate protection, so you can push your limits with confidence.

Protecting Champions like you

Preventative Care

Print Custom Guards to Reduce Injuries

Customized for Any Size or Sport

Create a Guard that Fits Perfectly

Protect Previous Injury Sites

Personalized Protection for Post-Injury Care

Meet Sport Requirements

Custom Fit Guards for Sport League Requirements

A Focus on Player Development

A smarter, safer, more efficient technology protecting athletes and improving their performance during competition.


of athletes have reported having one or more injuries in their lifespan


are experiencing comebacks
caused by injuries and can’t
perform at their best


of athletes leave the sports activity and never follow their passion again


of athletes reported having to still play while injured

Frequently Asked Questions

Our printer sits on-site in your facility. Once you've sent the customized scan to the printer, it prints right in your office or facility so you can easily provide the device to your athletes or patients

The print time depends on the size and complexity of the device you are creating. For a common scan, such as a rib guard, wrist brace, ankle stirrup etc. the average time could be between 25-40 minutes. For smaller devices such as finger splints, ulnar gutters, hand guards, etc. the average time is generally less than 30 minutes. For larger devices or those with extreme modifications or extra large in size, the average time might be 45-90 minutes. The exact time is dependent on size, thickness, modifications, and complexity.

One of the many beneficial features of the XO Armor solution is that many designs can be printed on the printer. You can create customized scans of the body, modify where needed, and print the device. The printer is not limited to devices you have seen printed before. If you want to get creative to accomodate a previous injury, sensitive incisions, skin issues, or other concerns, the software and printer allow for a fully customized solution. You can also print non-medical devices on the printer such as small parts, accessories, or other needed items.

With the XO Armor subscription, you can print an unlimited amount of devices.

Contact your sales representative or send a request to info@XOArmortech.com

What Experts Have to Say

"XO armor gives me the ability to be extremely creative in customizing protective equipment and materials. It allows me to pinpoint specific areas for protection with precision and custom fit. Being able to create in my very own equipment room and in a short amount of time allows us to instantly test things for protection, feel, & comfort long before the week of practice starts."

John Baumgartner

New Orleans Saints Head Equipment Manager

See how Nascar's Ryan Flores uses XO Armor for protection during tire changes.