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We aim to equip medical professionals in revolutionizing the way guards, braces, and splints are created.

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Experience unparalleled precision and comfort with our groundbreaking 3D scanning and printing technology, adapted to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals and patients. Our custom-fit, protective solutions ensure optimal safety and enhanced care in every medical setting, while freeing up time for medical professionals to treat more patients.

Unmatched Quality and Patient Care

At XO Armor, we uphold the highest quality standards to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Our proven technology and rigorous testing guarantee superior protective solutions that elevate patient care, comfort, and safety. Trust in our commitment to excellence for an improved patient experience.

XO Armor's 3D print solution for healthcare providers delivers a premium patient experience, cost efficiency, and significant time savings for medical providers, improving the process of orthoses and other device creation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our printer sits on-site in your facility. Once you've sent the customized scan to the printer, it prints right in your office or facility so you can easily provide the device to your athletes or patients

The print time depends on the size and complexity of the device you are creating. For a common scan, such as a rib guard, wrist brace, etc., the average time could be between 25-40 minutes. For smaller devices such as finger splints, ulnar gutters, hand guards, etc., the average time is generally less than 30 minutes. For larger devices or those with extreme modifications, the average time might be 45-90 minutes. The exact time is dependent on size, thickness, modifications, and complexity.

One of the many benefits of the XO Armor solution is that thousands of unique designs can be printed on the printer. You can create customized scans of the body, modify where needed, and print the device. The printer is not limited to devices you have seen printed before. If you want to get creative to accommodate a previous injury, sensitive incision, skin issues, or other concerns, the software and printer allow for a fully customized solution. You can also print non-medical devices on the printer such as small parts, accessories, or other needed items.

With the XO Armor subscription, you can print an unlimited amount of devices.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Science and Innovation

Experience the future of healthcare with XO Armor’s patient solutions. Our rapid, 30-second scan, on-site printing, and easy application save time for clinicians and patients. Technicians can treat more patients while custom guards print, ensuring a perfect fit without on-patient molding. Our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) certified solution makes insurance billing easy. Provide your patients with a sleek, custom-fit option they will love.

Providing Personalized Care

Custom Orthoses Printed On-Site

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Medical Devices

Fit to the Exact Needs of Your Patient

Sports Medicine

Enhance Safety of Athletes

Unique Patient Needs

Customize and Print Individual Needs

The Prevalence and Importance of AFOs

Estimates suggest that over 4 million people in the United States alone use Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFOs) for conditions ranging from stability or neurological disorders to musculoskeletal and post-stroke issues. Orthotists play a crucial role in crafting these custom orthotics, with reports showing that over 74% of an orthotists’ time is spent fabricating AFOs or similar lower limb orthoses.

XO Armor’s Personalized and Efficient Solution

XO Armor’s personalized approach ensures that each AFO is tailored precisely to the individual's size and fit requirements, maximizing its effectiveness in improving mobility and quality of life. Save time and improve fit by using XO Armor’s 3D printed AFO solution. Print custom orthoses on the spot, in about an hour, getting patients back on their feet, and providing clinicians with time to help more patients.