Custom-Fabricated Low-Profile Wrist and Thumb Brace for a Football Player: A Case Study.


This case study explores an athletic trainer’s innovative use of 3D printing technology provided by XO Armor to produce a custom-fitted, low-profile wrist and thumb brace for a football player who suffered a wrist and thumb injury. The custom-fit brace was designed to provide optimal protection while ensuring comfort and rigidity during the game. This study highlights the successful adoption by athletic trainers of cutting-edge technology to deliver a tailored solution for athlete rehabilitation and injury prevention. 


In the world of sports, injuries are not uncommon, and their impact on athletes' performance and well-being can be significant. In this case study, we focus on a football player who sustained an injury to their wrist and thumb during practice. The athlete required a specialized brace to restrict movement in these areas while ensuring minimal interference with their game performance. Using the XO Armor 3D scanning and printing solution, the team’s athletic trainer embarked on the development of a low-profile wrist and thumb brace to meet this unique requirement. 


3D Scanning: The athlete's injured wrist and thumb were precisely scanned using advanced 3D scanning technology. This scan captured the exact dimensions and contours of the athlete's hand, ensuring a perfect fit for the brace. 

Brace Design: The brace was designed to provide comprehensive protection for the athlete's wrist and thumb, allowing for limited mobility while ensuring the necessary support. It featured strategically placed holes that allowed for the attachment of a zip-tie to secure the brace in place during gameplay. 

Custom Fabrication: As for all customers, XO Armor provides a state-of-the-art 3D printer. The 3D printer was on-site in the athletic training room. The custom-fit brace was fabricated with biocompatible materials to ensure both durability and comfort. 


XO cast and 3d print



The athletic trainer’s efforts yielded a remarkable outcome. Within a few hours of the initial scan, the custom-fitted wrist and thumb brace was ready for the athlete. The brace, being precisely tailored to the athlete's hand, offered superior comfort and fit. Moreover, the bifurcated design provided comprehensive protection for the wrist and thumb while maintaining a low-profile appearance. 

The athlete reported improved comfort and stability when wearing the custom brace, allowing them to confidently participate in football games without the fear of exacerbating their injury. The zip-tie mechanism ensured that the brace remained securely in place during rigorous gameplay, providing an additional layer of protection. 

The custom-fitted, low-profile wrist and thumb brace developed by the athletic trainer proved to be an effective solution for the injured football player. The ability to tailor the brace to the athlete's specific anatomy not only enhanced comfort but also provided superior protection, promoting a quicker and safer recovery.


Incorporating 3D printing technology into the development of custom sports equipment, such as the low-profile wrist and thumb brace in this case, represents a significant advancement in athletic injury prevention and rehabilitation. Incorporating technology from innovative companies, such as XO Armor, holds promise for the future of sports medicine, enabling athletes to return to peak performance with confidence and minimal disruption. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of customized solutions in sports injury management.