XO ARMOR: Quality Assurance in 3D Printing

3D printing is an increasingly popular form of manufacturing, with applications spanning multiple industries from automotive to medical. With its full design control and cost efficiency, 3D printing is particularly favored for producing short-run, customized parts and products. However, this popularity presents a significant challenge: how does one ensure consistent quality when producing multiple prints? The solution lies in quality assurance (QA), a critical process that ensures 3D printed parts meet the expected quality and performance standards throughout production.

Most everyone agrees that QA is important for a variety of reasons. When implemented well, the following benefits are realized:

✅ Product Reliability: Quality assurance ensures that 3D printed parts consistently meet the design requirements of the future product. Without dependable and precise data about design and processes, the integrity of the entire QA structure would be at risk. 
✅ Development Cycles and Product Customization: In a world racing against time, a process meeting QA standards allows for rapid design iterations while still having confidence in the results. Bespoke solutions rely on this type of QA framework.
✅ Reduced Human Error: With advanced QA checks, human error is substantially reduced. Scanning and printing software can prompt a human on any inconsistency in print or design.

✅ Upholding Standards: Following QA protocols isn't just about ticking boxes; it's about upholding safety and trust.




The XO Armor team is committed to ensuring the splints, braces, and other protective devices you print meet your QA standards. Below is a description of how we make this happen:
✅ XO SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures): These SOPs provide a roadmap, covering everything from machine setup to the crucial post-processing steps, ensuring consistency at every phase.
✅ Calibration and Maintenance of XO Equipment: To ensure successful results, XO Armor provides specified tolerances of the equipment.
✅ Process Monitoring: XO Armor has implemented real-time monitoring and data logging to track key printing parameters, such as temperature, print speed, and layer height. Analyzing this data will help identify trends or anomalies.
✅ Quality Control Checks: All quality control checks at various stages of the printing process and materials, including first-layer adhesion, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish should be properly performed. Inspections of finished parts for defects and compliance with design specifications are mandatory.
✅ XO Employee Training Material: Well-designed and self-explanatory. Clear information about Quality Assurance for every stage of the manufacturing process. 

✅ Continuous Improvement: Continuous refinement of QA processes based on an established user feedback loop. This drives confidence in the product and supports future improvements.


XO ARMOR - QA in 3D printing
XO Armor technology helps you to comply with regulatory standards and makes the manufacturing process streamlined and efficient. Reach out to us, the future is today!