Exciting news!The Print of the Week!


Today we begin an exciting journey of discovery and sharing. We're showcasing a "Print of the Week" where we highlight exemplary 3D scans and part designs made by our esteemed community of athletic trainers and medical providers around the world. We want to celebrate the innovation and improved outcomes these professionals are delivering using cutting-edge design in the realm of healthcare.

This week, our spotlight turns to an elite athlete from one of the Power 5 football conferences. This sportsman recently faced the challenging ordeal of undergoing labrum surgery, which can be detrimental to ongoing participation in the season. But with clever protection, he was able to return to play much sooner. A scan was done for a uniquely shaped guard with a special feature in the center (see image below with circle). This special feature is a raised tubercle bubble, which prevents any impact with that part of the body. From this 30-second scan, the athletic trainer printed a perfectly matching shoulder-guard with a tubercle bubble. After adding the adjustable straps, the guard successfully fit on the first try and was worn in the next game. The athlete reported excellent range of motion and superb protection. 

A 30 second scan of a shoulder using Xo Armor app


To dive deeper into our highlight for this week, a custom shoulder guard is challenging to manufacture without the aid of 3D printing technology. A good shoulder guard needs to conform perfectly to the body to provide both protection and freedom of motion. This can take considerable time to produce and test with the athlete. With a body scan and print, however, the actual time working on the device is just a couple minutes. Even better, the athlete does not need to be there while it is created, freeing time in their already busy schedule. 

As the industry evolves, it’s not just about recovering from injuries, it’s about transforming the game for athletes of every kind, from grassroots to the elite. It's about envisioning a future where every tackle, every sprint, and every leap is backed by technology that ensures safety without interfering with performance.


The ready made shoulder pad.


The XO Armor state-of-the-art solution is not just a product but a promise. It represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. It harnesses the latest in 3D scanning and printing technology. The result? Highly personalized braces and guards tailored to the unique contours of each individual. A key benefit is unmatched comfort. As we all understand, when comfort meets functionality, it dramatically improves athlete and patient mobility. No more incessant complaints about braces that chafe or guards that do not fit right.



Stay in the loop with us. We would be happy to show how you can scan and print custom protective devices at your facility for a fraction of the price paid for traditional protection. The world of sports medicine is brimming with innovation, and there is much to explore and share. Follow us to make sure you're always caught up and see the latest "Print of the Week.” Together, let's work to maintain and improve athlete safety and elevate our standards of care and protection by leveraging this innovative technology.